Hopefully we have got your attention and you may be interested in enriching your environment with a beautiful piece of art. We suggest you first try art rental. Our rental services include a thorough understanding of your needs and taste, based on which we will – together with you – assemble a portfolio of paintings and prepare a virtual display. We recommend an initial rental period of 3-6 months, after which you are welcome to renew the rental or select another painting. We will also be happy to calculate a purchase option for you, if you are ready to buy.
Delivery and installation
To make your art experience more convenient we can, if you require, take care of framing the paintings, delivery and installation. We can help with designing optimal lighting and of course assist with insurance matters.
Comprehensive art consulting
Companies are increasingly conscious of corporate branding and corporate social responsibility. For this reason we provide comprehensive art consulting services which help to utilise art rental to strenghten your corporate brand and maximise your company’s impact in the local community.
The paintings are of course offered for sale, too. Investing in art is often a lucrative alternative form of investment. A favourite painting may prove to be a good investment over the years in addition to providing daily pleasure and beauty to your home.
Beautiful paintings and artistic content provide a great atmosphere for your event, be it a client event or something you plan for a larger group of friends. We take care of organising and managing the entire high quality event from start to finish. While we will of course arrange the details to meet your specific requests, the focus of the event will be the contemporary paintings and a guided tour of the artwork.

Ideal duration of event is 2,5-3 hours. Minimum number of guests is 20.

Fees: Our services are available at realistic rates, taking into account your individual requirements.