Romvári Márton

Romvári Márton

I received my diploma in 2001 from the Painting Faculty of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
“I am exploring new worlds in the field of oil painting. Although I am working with non-objectivity, this does not mean that I am not interested in reality. I am searching the hidden side of nature and reality for the flow of densely woven waves within the elements of earth, fire, water and air. At first sight, my paintings could be viewed as single cells, organisms, or biological building blocks – a microscopic world locked in a Petri dish. My intention is to show the intensity of close, pulsating powers. Based on my visual experience, I create new worlds through my own visual system.
I am interested in observing changes, while wandering through biomorphic imagination. As I paint, I create a balance between the planned and the improvised. The forms in the painting open a world to the imagination of the viewer. There is an airy opacity to the form, a moment of suspense and glowing colours that the gaze can sink into. After much experimentation, I hit upon the lacquer technique, which I feel provides the best means of visualising the effect I am seeking.”

akrill, lakk, vászon, 2017

akrill, lakk, vászon, 2016

akrill, lakk, vászon, 2015

akrill,lakk, vászon, 2018

akrill, lakk, vászon, 2018

akrill, lakk, farost, 2018