About us

About us

Art in the City: Enjoy contemporary art accessibly and easily

Art in the City’s mission is to provide the opportunity and interface for the most talented Hungarian contemporary painters to make their work available to broader audiences, to allow their artwork to decorate the walls of offices and homes, thereby enhancing the quality of life of work colleagues and family members.

We bring you works of fine art from the most collectible emerging rising stars and from mature Hungarian contemporary artists.

Art in the City is not commercially bound to any individual artist or gallery which allows us to take an open minded approach to understanding the individual preferences of all our clients.

We offer a specialist service dedicated to finding unique artworks which meet our clients’ tastes and we take care of practical matters including delivery and installation, be it in Budapest or other cities in Hungary. You can read more about our range of services in the Services menu.

 How do I get started with Art in the City?

It’s easy: Please complete the form on our Contact us page or contact us on + 36 30 529 2216