Our wellbeing is strongly influenced by our environment. The quality and livability of an apartment is greatly enhanced by a well – chosen painting; it will add a layer of intensity, beauty and color to our living space.

A quality painting that fits well in terms of color, size and material will delight us again and again, will provoke ideas and bring forward memories. 

Art in the City will bring to your home the works of contemporary artists if you do not have the opportunity or time to visit galleries or maybe do not have the motivation to plan or design the kind of artwork best suited to your walls.  Or it may be you are just setting out on your art journey and are simply cautious about your choices in the world of art.

Art in the City helps in selecting your painting and will take care of the practical aspects of delivery and installation. You have the choice to rent or buy the paintings. Renting is a good choice for those a little uncertain in their taste, as it will provide the opportunity to „try” a painting in your home for a few months. During the rental period you can decide if you would like to buy the paining or return it or maybe would like to choose another one for your home instead. If you choose to rent we suggest to rotate the paintings every 3-6 months.

Investing in art is often a lucrative alternative form of investment. A favourite painting may prove to be a good investment over the years in addition to providing daily pleasure and beauty to your home.